NuCaptcha unveils Captcha solutions for mobile phones and tablets

NuCaptcha announced its Captcha solutions for mobile
devices, available for all mobile platforms including Android and IOS

The new optimized mobile Captchas provide a better fit
and faster loading times on mobile devices. NuCaptcha does not require Flash or
JavaScript; and the company expects to release the HTML5 mobile version of its
Captcha technology in early Q4 2011.

“If you think Captchas are indecipherable on the
Web, try completing them on mobile. We’re now at a point of infliction and a
more functional solution is critical,” said Christopher, CTO and
co-founder of NuCaptcha

“Rather than inflicting pain on users, our system
ramps up as needed for real threats: So, we’re able to provide a better
experience for users and state-of-the art security,” Christopher added.

Marketers and publisher using NuCaptcha can opt to
automatically adopt and optimize security across all of their properties to
provide a consistent user experience on multiple devices.

NuCaptcha’s simpler interface Captcha is designed to
retain users on a site and help them “pass through security” as fast
and painlessly as possible.

Aimed at marketers and publishers looking for a
user-friendly alternative, the service requires users to type in as few as
three legible letters, typically done in under three seconds, but can quickly
ramp up to eight letters, if threats are detected through The NuCaptcha
Behavior Analysis System for video-based Captcha (BAS).

The BAS detects unusual behavior and can increase the
complexity of the Captcha and slow down the video, making it more
time-consuming and less financially feasible for both bots and human-farms to
solve Captcha in high volumes.

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