NuMobile to play a key role in African wireless utilities metering network market


NuMobile announced the company’s participation in an initiative
to build a wireless utilities metering network in Nairobi.


NuMobile recently announced its subsidiary, Stonewall Networks, Inc., has released the
Xidget toolset. Stonewall is working to have Xidget
become an industry standard toolset. Xidget is a fragment of the eXtensible Markup Language commonly referred to as XML.


XML is a simplified version of browser language that can
be used in certain programs, and specifically on the internet, for creating a
tagging schema that allows elements of a web page to be marked according to
their content rather than their format.


Stonewall has developed Xidget as a toolset that utilizes
a subset of XML during the development phase of Stonewall’s core product
Cornerstone. The Xidget toolset is used to handle graphical calls at the user
level to and from the internet.


This accomplishes quick and flexible changes to the
program consuming the Xidget scripts. Stonewall expects the User Interface (UI)
to improve immensely as browser-based drag and drop functions become more
attainable. Other enhancements will include improving the time during the
design and development life cycle.


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