NXP leads global ticketing market with 70% share

Telecom Lead America: NXP has maintained a dominate
foothold in the ticketing market, through its line of MiFare solutions and
achieved a combined market share in excess of 70 percent for smart card and
RFID ticketing IC shipments, according to ABI Research.

The market study report said that the OSPT alliance
continues to penetrate the market with CiPurse product and giving firm
competition to NXP.


Phil Sealy, research analyst at ABI Research said the
CiPurse solution has made good progress in 2012.


The report said that the members of OSPT Alliance that are austriamicrosystems, Ecebs, G&D,
Infineon, Inside Secure, Oberthur, Samsung, Smartrac, Openticketing, and
Watchdata have been benefitted from increased CiPurse adoption.


The report suggested that by adding a CiPurse product
range to G&D, Watchdata and Oberthur’s portfolios could help them challenge
ASK’s dominant position as the leading smart card ticketing provider.


The OSPT alliance has completed pilots and trials
worldwide, including two ongoing commercial deployments of CiPurse cards across
two transport authorities believed to be located in Europe and Latin America.


The study noted that competition from the OSPT is healthy
for a growing transportation market, but it is not expected to challenge NXP’s
market share ranking over the mid-term.


Practice director John Devlin said that contactless smart
ticketing used to be adopted only by those large flag ship” cities across the
world, but bow contactless ticketing solutions are being adopted by smaller
towns and cities, who realize the benefits and potential ROI’s contactless
technology can achieve.


The study predicts that the overall market will continue
to grow at a y-o-y double digit rate, enabling the market to sustain business
for new entrants.


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