O2 Secure Wireless Enters Vendor Market under the brand name O2USA

O2 Secure Wireless announced introduction of a new
division under the brand name O2USA. This division of the Company will enter
into the 302 million mobile subscriber markets and provide customers with
unlimited service for very competitive rates.

Services are slated to include unlimited cellular service
in talk, text, and data, along with the very competitive $50 billion a year
VOIP market (2010). Research forecasts the combined business and residential
VOIP services
market are expected to grow to $74.5billion in 2015.

This new division will provide an immediate robust
revenue stream for the company. O2 Secure Wireless is expecting that in the
development of O2USA.com, the company will benefit across the board.

“In the introduction into this sector O2 Secure
Wireless is clearly in a highly desirable position. The potential here is
unlimited,” and we are excited to make the “O2″ trademark a
nationally recognized name Penetrating this sector of the industry is not easily
achieved; we are very pleased to launch our new division,” said Val Kazia,
chief executive officer, O2 Secure Wireless.

By Telecomlead.com Team

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