OKI Launches EXaaS Mobile Desk Service

OKI, telecommunications manufacturer of
Japan, announced the launch of EXaaS
SmartWorkspac, a cloud and LCM service group.

It has
launched EXaaS Mobile Desk cloud computing service. EXaaS Mobile Desk provides
secure, easy access to in-house corporate data and systems from mobile devices
(including smartphones and tablets) from locations outside the company.

“The service will allow employees to
check in-house corporate data and updates on specific websites by accessing
documents, email, and schedules whenever needed, using no more than two taps on
a mobile device,” said Sei Yano, senior vice president, responsible for
Solutions and Services at

standard service features include a virtual private network connection function
for secure authenticated/encrypted communications and a terminal control
function to manage terminal security and assets.

“The files are not actually located on
the mobile devices, allowing secure use of the information needed. Deploying
[email protected] Softphone Smart allows companies to link devices to their
in-house IP-PBX systems and provide virtual extension lines from locations
outside the company site,” Sei added.

EXaaS SmartWorkspace, a
cloud and LCM service group is designed to minimize the total cost of
installing, operating, maintaining, and managing office IT equipment, including
smartphones, tablets, PCs, telephones (PBX), multifunction printers (MFPs), and

Many companies are currently considering
deploying mobile devices for various business tasks, including checking email,
handling calls on virtual extension lines, or accessing in-house data from
locations outside the company, with the goal of making business more efficient
and enhancing customer service. However, this potential has been overshadowed
by concerns related to the time and effort required for deployment and various
security issues, including the unintended information leaks in the event of
device theft or loss.

OKI plans to promote the service in tandem
with other EXaaS SmartWorkspace products to provide services that seamlessly
link smartphones to office IT equipment from locations inside or outside the

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]