On-Ramp Wireless Technology wins AMI pilot deployment in Korea

On-Ramp Wireless announced its agreement with Fountain Springs, a South Korean
smart metering company, to deploy its metering infrastructure (AMI) solution in
conjunction with Korea Telecom.

Based on On-Ramp Wireless’ award-winning Ultra-Link ProcessingTM (ULP) wireless
networking platform for utility automation, On-Ramp and Fountain Springs will
deliver new technology to enable Korea’s Smart Grid initiative, which will
allow Korea Telecom to improve energy efficiency, lower costs and accelerate
deployment of Smart Grid applications.

The South Korean government is on a mission to transform the ways electricity
is generated, distributed and consumed. South Korea’s Smart Grid initiative,
spearheaded by the Jeju Island demonstration project, is a comprehensive
program aimed at continuing economic growth for the country and a foundation
for Korean companies’ technological strength in the global Smart Grid market.

Korea Telecom is building a domestic Smart Grid pilot on the island of Jeju,
utilizing Fountain Springs’ ULP-enabled AMI solution.

“On-Ramp’s ULP solution provides enhanced coverage and capacity compared with
existing PLC and Mesh AMI solutions,” said CS Hwang, CEO of Fountain Springs.

On-Ramp’s ULP wireless communication technology, in conjunction with Fountain
Springs’ AMI solution and data analytics and Meter Data Management (MDM)
capabilities, helps utilities manage power consumption throughout all end
points of the distribution network.

“Implementing our ULP technology, in conjunction with Fountain Springs and
Korea Telecom, will completely address the meter density and capacity
challenges of the South Korean environment,” said Joaquin Silva, president and
CEO of On-Ramp.

By Telecomlead.com Team

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