One billion HTML5 phones to be sold in 2013

The global HTML5 phone sales will increase from 336
million units in 2011 to 1 billion units in 2013.

HTML5 has become a high-growth technology that will help
smartphones, feature phones, tablets, notebooks, desktop PCs, televisions and
vehicles to converge through cloud services, according to Strategy Analytics.

Growth for HTML5 phones is being driven by robust demand
from multiple hardware vendors and software developers in North America, Europe
and Asia who want to develop rich media services across multiple platforms,
including companies like Adobe, Apple, Google and Microsoft.

We forecast worldwide HTML5 phone sales to surge from
336 million units in 2011 to 1.0 billion in 2013. We define an HTML5 phone as a
mobile handset with partial or full support for HTML5 technology in the
browser, such as the Apple iPhone 4S,” said Neil Shah, analyst at Strategy Analytics

HTML5 will be a pivotal technology in the growth of a
multi-screen, 4G LTE cloud that is emerging for mobile operators, device
makers, car manufacturers, component vendors and Web app developers. With its
potential to transcend some of the barriers faced by native apps, such as
cross-platform usability, HTML5 is a market that no mobile stakeholder can
afford to ignore

Despite surging growth of HTML5 phone sales, we caution
that HTML5 is a relatively immature technology. HTML5 currently has limited
APIs and feature-sets to include compared with native apps on platforms such as
Android or Apple iOS. It will require several years of further development and
standards-setting before HTML5 can fully mature to reach its potential as a
unified, multi-platform content-enabler.

Recently, Strategy Analytics announced that superphones will be the world’s fastest growing sub-category of wireless
handsets this year. Global superphone sales will grow 200 percent in 2011,
driven by popular models such as the Samsung Galaxy S2.

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