Opera Software Launches New Version of Opera Mobile Emulator

Opera Software has released the
latest version of its Opera Mobile Emulator, an essential tool for anyone
creating websites and web content.

Mobile testing is the new black in
modern day web development. However, testing on phones and tablets is rarely
straightforward: you have to buy several devices or install complex softwarae
development kits.

With Opera’s new mobile
emulator, this hassle is now history. The company has made it easier than ever
to install and run the Opera Mobile Emulator on your PC or Mac and tweak all
kinds of environment settings, going from screen sizes and densities to input
modes and much more.

The new release is a developer
companion to its earlier Opera Mobile 11 release for Symbian and Android phones
and tablets. As the Opera Mobile browser is already running on all these
platforms, we went the extra mile and ported the product to also run on
Windows, Mac and Linux.

The Opera Mobile Emulator is a
great tool for anyone who is involved with mobile development,” said Andreas
Bovens, group leader for Developer Relations & Tools at Opera Software.

We wanted to make mobile testing
super easy (yes, even our PR guys manage to use it!). In the emulator, you’ll
find a ton of customization options for a wide range of mobile platforms. And,
of course, you can do close-up code inspection and live editing via Opera
Dragonfly’s remote debugging functionality,” Bovens added.

By TelecomLead.com Team

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