Optus and Connectem start cloud-based mobile packet core network capacity trial

Telecom Lead Asia: Australian mobile player Optus and Connectem have begun trial of cloud-based mobile packet core network capacity.

Trial at its Macquarie Park campus will enable Optus to deploy network capacity in response to customer demands.

The technology has the potential to deliver a higher level of network performance for customers during peak usage periods, such as at major sporting events or music festivals.

“This is an exciting piece of network innovation. As we continue to expand Optus 4G across the country, we are also exploring the opportunities that cloud services can enable to deliver outstanding customer experience,” said Gunther Ottendorfer, managing director at Optus Networks.

Recently, Optus selected Nokia Siemens for modernizing its mobile network along with refarming the 900 MHz GSM frequency band. Under the agreement, Nokia Siemens Networks will also be
providing infrastructure and services for 4G LTE rollout in Sydney and Perth. The telecom gear maker is the sole LTE core provider for Optus.

In order to offer free access to fixed-line broadband, Optus has unveiled mobile plans for its customers, indicated intense competition among carriers and the growing importance of bundling as a pricing strategy.

Connectem has developed the first packet core virtualization software (VCM) designed to run in the cloud. The packet core is the system that routes data traffic moving between mobile devices and the Internet.

In a virtualized environment, network resources can be rapidly switched on to deliver incremental capacity where it is needed most, regardless of geographical location. As a result, customers will experience low network latency even during periods of peak network activity.

“Connectem is working with many of the world’s largest operators and we have been encouraged by the interest in our technology. In Australia, we welcome the initiatives that Optus is taking in the area of cloud-based network infrastructure,” said Nishi Kant, chief executive officer at Connectem.

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