Oracle releases Oracle Communications Service Controller to enhance customer mobile experience


Oracle, an IT major, announced the release of Oracle
Communications Service Controller designed to speed service migration and improve
mobile experiences of customers.

The Oracle Communications Service Controller will help
communications service providers (CSPs) reduce the risks involved while
launching services that blend legacy and IP networks or while consolidating
service platforms across multiple network types like Internet Protocol (IP), IP
multimedia subsystem (IMS), and Intelligent Network (IN).

Next-generation networks enable CSPs to offer new services
to users and unlock revenue opportunities. But nearly all CSPs still have
legacy networks that require service interaction with these newer technologies.

For instance, while CSPs are building services that leverage
IP-based networks, those services are supposed to support and incorporate
legacy IN functionality. Poor migration from legacy service platforms to
next-generation technologies, as well as network interoperability challenges,
can bring negative results in customer service experiences causing customer
churn, lost revenue and higher operating costs.

Shira Levine, directing analyst, Infonetics Research said, “As service providers roll out their next-generation networks, enabling a wide
array of new consumer and enterprise services, they are confronted with the
reality of their extensive deployment of legacy technologies — and the
complexity of making these technologies interoperate. Service Broker products,
which bridge the two worlds, have emerged as a key solution to this

Oracle Communications Service Controller is an extension of
Oracle Communications Service Delivery product family which helps CSPs have
benefits like integration between IN capabilities and new technologies,
integration of non-standard protocol with core network services which will
reduce costs and time to market for new services, support and maintenance of
legacy networks while promoting growth into new technologies like LTE.

With the introduction of Oracle Communications Service
Oracle has also announced the availability of Oracle Communications Social
Voice Communicator and Oracle Communications Virtual Private Network which will
give CSPs two new services built to run on the Oracle Communication Service

Liam Maxwell, vice president, products, Oracle
Communications said, Oracle Communications Service Controller offers
pre-built, out-of-the-box service interaction and mediation capabilities to
bring  order to complex networks and
integrate disparate technologies  helping
service providers reduce operating costs and bring new services to market
quickly and cost effectively.”

Oracle recently acquired GoAhead Software, a provider of packaged service availability software for the
communications industry. The acquisition will deliver highest level of service
up-time required for real-time network applications that are in the call path
of communication services.

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