Orange Business’ cloud revenue up 33% to €113 million in 2012

Telecom Lead Europe: Orange Business Services has achieved 33 percent increase in cloud computing revenue to €113 million in 2012.

Orange Business Services says it will generate €500 million revenue from cloud computing business in 2015.

Launch of the Orange Cloud Project unifies the Group’s internal and external cloud expertise and resources.

End-to-end services gain momentum through the Flexible Computing offerings and especially from the launch of the Cloud Coach on Flexible Computing Express.

In 2012, cloud computing gained momentum. In France, 60 percent of enterprises with more than 1,000 employees have deployed or plan to deploy a cloud project.

“Orange Business Services positions itself as a trusted operator and integrator providing enterprise-grade cloud solutions globally through a set of dedicated support services,” said Vivek Badrinath, CEO, Orange Business Services.

Orange Business Services will extend its strategy through new hybrid cloud models, combining various clouds (private, public, virtual-private) while providing a unified service experience to the customer and its end-users.

Meanwhile, Orange Business Services said Office Together Select, a communication and collaboration solution based on Microsoft Office 365, will be available on Business VPN Galerie.

The objective of this integration is to provide companies with the combined benefits of Office Together Select and Virtual Private Networks.

Launched in 2011, Business VPN Galerie extends enterprise VPNs to the cloud via fully-secured gateways, providing the high standards of end-to-end performance and reliability. This solution interconnects more than 8,000 facilities in the world and provides access to a wide range of cloud solutions developed by Orange Business Services and its partners.

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