Orange Business Services sets up shared group e-mail service for Renault


Orange Business Services has migrated all of Renault’s
e-mail accounts – 80,000 employee accounts in 118 countries.


The objective of this 36-month global project was to set
up a shared group e-mail service and improved calendar management tools in a
complex international environment.


Thanks to the successful deployment of the new e-mail
service on all the Group’s sites, Renault now has a global ergonomic
communication and collaboration tool.


Orange Business Services completely managed this 36-month
international project from the design phase through to its implementation in all
of the countries involved. The Orange Business Services teams migrated close to
80,000 users to the new Microsoft Exchange environment, averaging around 2,000
users per week.


To successfully face this technical challenge, Orange
Business Services used the Refresh IT solution,
which made it possible to carry out the project in an industrial manner in an
international context covering a large number of sites that use 17 languages.


Orange Business Services
also took part in managing this change by helping all users to learn how
to manage their new working environment. The satisfaction rate was over
95 percent.


E-mail is a strategic application for Renault,” said
Jean-Francois Loche, head of Alliance IT Services at Renault-Nissan.


If it is not working or not working effectively, that
negatively impacts intellectual production and the company’s services, so it
was imperative for us to have a tool which was shared by all our users, which
could be upgraded and which met international market standards. In a complex
global situation, Orange Business Services acted as a real IT partner. The
Orange Business Services teams supported us through each stage of this
ambitious project to help us reach our objective,” Loche added.


We are delighted with the results of this major Renault
project,” added Benoit Eymard, head of Major Accounts, Orange Business
Services. It was critical that we fully supported this transition. The success
of this international project came thanks to our technical expertise but also
to our teams who helped Renault employees learn how to use their new


The extremely close collaboration between our two teams
was also a key success factor of the project and helped to instil a climate of
trust. This new e-mail service will enable Renault to benefit from a highly
effective collaboration tool, which in turn benefits from the security and
reliability of our network. This project confirms Orange Business Services’
position as a major international telecoms and IT player. Today, its
strategy is focused on developing its offers in the messaging and collaborative
tools domain and more broadly on facilities management and the cloud,” Eymard


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