Pacnet speeds digital content delivery across Asia


Pacnet announced its strategic plan to deliver a new
next-generation content delivery network (CDN) service that enables businesses
to accelerate the delivery of digital content to the growing global online
audience, with unparalleled speed and scale.


“This is part of our enhanced content delivery
strategy which leverages our extensive regional subsea network coverage and
data centers in Asia, to bring to the market unmatched digital content
solutions that will go beyond just content distribution, to meet the
increasingly sophisticated digital content requirements of today’s web-enabled
businesses,” said Bill Barney, chief executive officer of Pacnet.


Through Pacnet’s new CDN service, businesses in Asia will
be able to ensure the smooth and seamless delivery of high-definition videos
and graphics, software and web pages to their audience and customers around the
world. The service will also benefit businesses from around the world looking
to accelerate digital content delivery to the growing Asia market.


“With web content growing richer, CDN services have
rapidly become increasingly important to digital content creators, especially
in the media, entertainment and gaming industries, and are key to helping them
monetize their content and ultimately, grow their business,” said Chris
Wilson, senior vice president of Product Strategy and Management, Pacnet.


This new content delivery network service will be
supported by technology the company has licensed from EdgeCast, a leading
provider of CDN technology.


“We are delighted that Pacnet has chosen EdgeCast
technology for its CDN solution and believe that the synergy between our CDN
technology and Pacnet’s extensive network infrastructure will deliver a unique
CDN solution that will accelerate the web experience across Asia,” said
James Segil, President, EdgeCast Networks.


According to Frost and Sullivan, the global CDN market is
a rapidly growing market and forecast to expand at a compounded annual growth
rate (CAGR) of 27 percent, from $1.3 billion in 2010 to $4.2 billion by 2015.


Pacnet recently announced the launch
of its international gateway in Chennai, enabling the delivery of Pacnet’s full
suite of robust, high-speed international connectivity solutions to meet
India’s growing demand for bandwidth.


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