Palringo app pre-loaded on Alcatel OneTouch 890 smartphone

Palringo, a mobile group messaging company, announced
that its mobile application is preloaded on the Alcatel OneTouch 890
smartphone, bringing the number of device models featuring the group messaging
application to more than 100.  

In addition to Alcatel, Palringo works with Samsung,
Cellon, Vodafone and others to preinstall Palringo Messenger on both
smartphones and feature phones, bringing the most robust multimedia messaging capabilities
to any type of device.  The service currently has more than 11 million
users handling more than 10 billion messages a month over its telco-grade

Pre-loading the Palringo application allows manufacturers
and operators to offer low-cost, basic phones with differentiated features such
as push-to-talk, picture messaging, and location and presence functionality.

Consumers also gain immediate access to Palringo’s
community of more than 300K interest groups, where discussions range from gaming,
to sports, to travel to current events.  In addition, manufacturers can
work with Palringo to develop their own branded IM networks, group communities
and active address books that can integrate presence, location and status
information for contacts.

“The Alcatel OneTouch 890 is the latest device to
integrate our service at purchase, and we are finding that consumers who
purchase these devices generally have higher rates of data and internet usage,
as they communicate with friends and discover new interest groups,” said
Tim Rea, CEO, Palringo.  

Palringo has developed its own end-to-end telco-grade IM
network with a proprietary protocol designed specifically to enable rich
communications on any mobile device.  

The Palringo
client works on all major mobile OSes, provides a robust network with more than
300,000 active affinity groups, and is able to connect to popular IM services.

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