Panasonic adds Wi-Fi connectivity to new LUMIX FX90 camera


Panasonic announced the launch of a new stylish compact
digital camera, the LUMIX DMC-FX90, which adds Wi-Fi connectivity (802.11
b/g/n) to a high-performing and feature-rich model that boasts a 24mm
ultra-wide LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMARIT lens with F2.5 brightness.


With the addition of the Wi-Fi connectivity, the LUMIX
FX90 addresses the growing communities of people who take photos and videos and
want to share them instantly via online social networks.


Panasonic also introduces LUMIX CLUB, a cloud-based
service that is accessible via a smartphone and a computer browser that allows
consumers to upload photos taken with the LUMIX FX90 to the following social
networks: Facebook, Flickr, Picasa or YouTube.


Photos can even be shared with these sites
simultaneously, making it easy and quick.  


Additionally, once a LUMIX CLUB account is acquired,
Panasonic will also provide a free, dedicated application called “LUMIX
LINK,” which will be compatible with iPhone and AndroidOS smartphones,
thus consumers can instantly share photos by connecting the LUMIX FX90 just
once to their compatible smartphone and then using the carrier network to share
photos online.


After the initial set-up, sharing photos will be as
simple as using the LUMIX LINK application on the smartphone.


The FX90 is a digital camera packed with high-end
imaging features, enabling consumers to take photos and videos that they are
proud to share with friends and family, as well as archive to preserve their
memories,” said Darin Pepple, senior product manager, Imaging, Panasonic
Consumer Electronics Company.


Using the LUMIX LINK application, users can enter and
store all their social network account information and will not have to log-in
to individual sites after the initial set-up. At home, users can directly
upload the images to the social networks via the access point of a home router
or a wireless connection.


To make accessing Wi-Fi even easier, the LUMIX FX90 has a
convenient dedicated Wi-Fi button that when pressed, directly opens a Wi-Fi
Connection mode outside home and gets WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) connection at


The Wi-Fi module is located on the opposite side of the
grip so as not to interfere with the connection signal.


Videos can also be recorded in MPEG4 format to easily
playback on a computer and other portable electronic devices. To complement its
high-quality video capabilities, the LUMIX FX90 also includes Dolby Digital
Creator to record high quality audio.


Panasonic recently introduced
new full-High Definition (HD) mobile cameras, the HM-TA20, HM-TA2 and its new
dual cameras, the HX-WA10, the HX-DC10 and the HX-DC1.


The HM-TA20 is a full-HD mobile camera, which has a
rugged design that is waterproof to approximately 10 feet, shockproof to
approximately 5 feet and dustproof and with the Night View Mode – it shoots
exceptional video and photos, even in low-lighting.


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