Panasonic and COPsync to Offer In-Vehicle Data Collection and Information Sharing

Panasonic Solutions Company, a provider of collaboration, information-sharing and decision-support solutions for government and commercial enterprises, and COPsync, a provider of information and data sharing networks, joined hands to offer law enforcement agencies with a common network for real-time access to data direct from a mobile computing device.
This solution will work seamlessly with  Toughbook products, enabling agencies subscribed to the network to connect and communicate across jurisdictional boundaries in real time.
The Toughbook mobile computer and  network will increase officer productivity and efficiency by eliminating redundant data entry and reducing paperwork. Utilizing Toughbooks and COPsync, officers are now able to file citations, crash reports and incident reports electronically in real time. The information is immediately available to all officers connected to the COPsync network resulting in enhanced safety of the officer and the community.
With its rugged reliability, mobility and desktop-class performance, the Toughbook line of products, paired with the COPsync software platform, will provide law enforcement agencies with a complete solution package for officers.
The superior mobile connectivity and extensive wireless options of Toughbook mobile computers, will offer agencies the reliable, mission critical connectivity that is essential to perform their day-to-day duties. This business collaboration will achieve positive results for each partner. Panasonic expects to see increased demand for its Toughbook  line of products as a result of the COPsync network driving the need for new mobile computing devices. COPsync expects to see new sales opportunities open within the Panasonic customer base.
As the gold standard in law enforcement, Panasonic already provides solutions to more than 5,000 agencies nationwide, and it was a natural choice for COPsync to enter into this partnership,” said Ronald A Woessner, chief executive officer of COPsync. The COPsync service, which powers the number one real-time, in-vehicle, data collection and information sharing network in the United States, naturally complements and extends Panasonic’s solutions offerings in the law enforcement space. The Panasonic Toughbook/COPsync solution saves officer lives, increases productivity and assists in interdicting crimes and apprehending criminals.”
This partnership between Panasonic and COPsync combines the superior reliability and connectivity of Toughbook computers with an innovative software solution to ensure law enforcement agencies have real-time access to critical information,” said Dave Poulin, senior business development manager-Government, Panasonic Solutions Company.
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