Panasonic, Samsung, SanDisk, Sony and Toshiba to collaborate for new content protection technology

Panasonic, Samsung Electronics, SanDisk,
Sony and Toshiba have decided to come together to create a new content
protection technology for flash memory cards such as SD Cards and various
storage devices.

Under the agreement,
all companies will license and promote high-definition capable security on SD
Cards and embedded memory for use in as tablets and smartphones.

The Next Generation Secure Memory
Initiative will look after HD content stored on SD cards and other storage
devices for their protection with a high level of security.  

“With our new secure memory solution,
we are excited to create a strong link between the living room experience and
the mobile experience,” said Yoshiyuki Miyabe, corporate CTO, Panasonic Corporation.

All partnering companies believe this
technology will enable various HD content applications such as HD network
download, broadcast content to go and HD Digital Copy/Managed Copy from Blu-ray
Disc media. With these applications, users can enjoy HD content on a wide range
of devices, including Android-based smartphones and tablets, TVs and Blu-ray

“SanDisk looks forward to building on
its history of innovation in the Flash industry by delivering optimized memory
solutions to enable this new usage model with robust security technologies that
can protect premium content,” said Sumit Sadana, senior vice president and
chief strategy officer for SanDisk.

“We believe the secure solution
created by this initiative will enable customers to enjoy high quality
experiences anytime, anywhere,” said Hiroshi Yoshioka, corporate executive
officer and executive deputy president, Sony.

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