Parallel Wireless develops low-cost vRAN for enterprises

Parallel Wireless said it has developed the industry’s first scalable, low-cost, enterprise vRAN solution enabled by Intel technologies.

The company today announced a 3GPP-compliant enterprise virtualized RAN (vRAN) solution based on the Cellular Access Point (CAP)/enterprise femto reference designs that use Intel technology.

The latest designs integrate 3G, 4G/LTE, and Wi-Fi with real-time network orchestration, interference mitigation, and resource optimization.

These features will enable mobile operators to cost-effectively deploy enterprise HetNets.

The new offering is expected to give the flexibility to choose any Original Device Manufacturer (ODM) CAP hardware that utilizes the Intel Transcede small cell SoC, resulting in much lower hardware CAPEX.

“We are excited to work closely with Intel and its ecosystem partners Alpha Networks, and additional partners to be announced in upcoming weeks, to introduce a solution for enterprises of any size at one-tenth of the cost of currently-available enterprise small cell solutions,” said Steve Papa, founder and CEO, Parallel Wireless.