PEER 1 deploys EMC Atmos


EMC announced that PEER 1 Hosting, one of the top hosting
providers in the world with 12,000 customers, has deployed EMC Atmos globally
distributed cloud storage as the foundation of its CloudOne Storage, a self-service,
metered storage solution.


Powered by EMC Atmos, which provides powerful and
efficient management of globally distributed cloud storage and big data
environments, PEER 1’s CloudOne storage provides customers with a highly
flexible, cost-efficient and reliable storage-as-a-service solution for content
and data storage, backup and archiving, off-loading of large media objects and
virtually any other data requirement.


“We did an exhaustive evaluation of eight cloud
providers, but EMC  was the only one that offered a
completely integrated software and hardware cloud storage solution,” said Dax
Moreno, general manager, ServerBeach, PEER 1 Hosting’s dedicated server


We were also impressed with EMC’s big R&D
investments in cloud. We avoided having to start from scratch and build our own
solution or buy pieces from different vendors. So we were able to go to market
much faster by deploying EMC Atmos’ robust and proven cloud storage,” Moreno


With headquarters in Vancouver and 17 data centers
worldwide, PEER 1 Hosting’s deployment of EMC Atmos has provided them
with the ability to scale to unlimited capacities.


The solution incorporates key features of EMC Atmos
software, including GeoProtect for advanced data protection, Atmos Web Service
APIs for integrating customers’ Internet-based applications with CloudOne
Storage, and multi-tenancy to enable PEER 1 Hosting to securely and efficiently
serve multiple applications from a single cloud infrastructure.


“Atmos has a lot of built-in flexibility because we
can easily set different policies to match the different cost and availability
requirements of our cloud storage customers.  We want to make sure that
CloudOne Storage provides not just raw storage but also the high availability
our customers demand. Additionally, with Atmos’ GeoProtect, we get
sophisticated data protection that is designed specifically for cloud
environments,” said John Hamner, product manager, PEER 1 Hosting.


One of PEER 1 Hosting’s objectives is to make sign up and
access to CloudOne easy.


“Our go-to-market strategy is to make CloudOne
Storage just three clicks away from any customer that wants it. EMC Atmos
helped us reach that goal and in addition, using the new Atmos APIs, we are
able to customize the fit for our customer’s offerings and tap into a number of
different markets such as streaming media or desktop backups,” Hamner


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