Performance concerns could halt the growth of cloud services: Alcatel-Lucent

Telecom Lead Europe: Performance concerns such as
stability, response time and end-to-end availability is the biggest inhibitors
to adoption of cloud services by enterprises and could block the market which
is forecasted to grow to $177 billion by 2015, reveals a research conducted by


IT decision makers identified performance as the most
important aspect of cloud solutions needing improvement.  Furthermore, the
study identified security, cost and ease of use as other top concerns of IT
decision makers.


The study revealed that IT decision makers in all regions
are willing to pay for a next-generation, high-performance cloud solution. In
fact, a carrier-grade cloud service is four times more attractive to IT
decision makers and has the potential to generate ten times more revenue than
existing cloud services.


While the study reveals rapid adoption of cloud services
by major enterprises across a variety of market sectors, it also points to
shortcomings in today’s public cloud services, led by risks related to
availability and quality of service.


Two thirds of IT decision makers don’t use the cloud for
their essential business applications for fear of service outages. 46 percent
of those surveyed find current cloud service system delays unacceptable.


One in four complained that there’s no simple resolution
path when service level agreements (SLAs) are not met. Two out of five IT
decision makers reported either frequent or lengthy service outages.


44 percent of the IT departments surveyed are optimistic
that the weaknesses in today’s cloud services will be resolved and expect to
expand the use of cloud services over the next three years.


“Not all clouds are created equal. A typical large
enterprise supports between 250 and 750 IT applications, so before it decides
to move them to the cloud it must be confident of a smooth migration. It needs
to ensure that there are substantial efficiencies to be gained, risks to its
operations are minimal, it is easy to use and that that cloud performance is
guaranteed with service level agreements. Communications service providers can
meet those expectations,” said Dor Skuler, VP of Cloud Solutions,


Australia Leads Asia Pacific Adoption of Cloud Computing


Australia leads the adoption of cloud computing in Asia
Pacific with 43 percent of enterprises now using cloud computing in some form
and 41 percent of IT decision makers indicating that cloud computing will be a
top priority for them in the current fiscal year.


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