Plusnet: 8.43 million Adults in the UK never use the internet

By TelecomLead Team: There are currently 8.43 million adults in the UK who have
never used the Internet and it is estimated that digitally challenged
households face 560 pounds of extra costs per year as a result of missing out
on online discounts and opportunities, according to a report by Plusnet.

The report suggests that the availability and affordable
pricing of broadband will be crucial in terms of household finances
and also social mobility, as people already using the internet for activities
including shopping, banking, study, job application and government services.

Being the most fundamental service, internet is set to
provide radical life enhancing benefits and greater importance on providing
access to the Internet at an affordable price.

As per the report, in future, the home internet will change
the way people run their homes, as affordable internet will allow people to
change their lifestyle, simply by implementing new mode of communication in
terms of  working , shopping and entertainment.

The report says that the internet will include everything
from smart appliances that talk to each other to clothes that monitor health;
from cars that can’t crash to mobile technologies and cloud platforms that run

The company said that the Internet has been all about
sharing, communicating and engaging with content online. Although, the next 15
years will see an exciting transformation take place, where we integrate ‘smart
devices’ into the home, and the net becomes much more about rich services.

Since our launch 15 years ago we’ve moved from dial-up
services to wireless connection transmitted through fibre optics at superfast
speeds, yet our commitment to providing a reliable service at a competitive
price remains the same. Helping people to discover the Internet is key to the
progress of technology and just by giving an hour of your time to teach the
basics of computing and the internet to a friend or family member could
completely change their life,” said Jamie Ford, CEO of Plusnet.

According to Ovum, 2012
will be a watershed year for the global fixed telecom services. Worldwide
household broadband revenues ($181 billion) will overtake household voice
revenues ($159 billion) for the first time.

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