Polycom Videoconferencing offers cost savings to Russian Federation State Arbitration Courts

Polycom announced that Russian Federation State
Arbitration Courts has implemented videoconferencing solutions.

This is primarily to ensure court proceedings can still
go ahead even if parties are unable to attend in-person.

Seventy-seven additional courts are equipped with new
videoconferencing endpoints and the project, worth £1.9 million ($2.9 million),
was completed in six months. A total of 113 courts have been equipped with
videoconferencing solutions.

“Advanced technology has allowed for a dramatic
reduction in both the time and costs associated with  postponements due inability of either party to attend, with
litigants now being able to file a petition for holding proceedings via the
videoconferencing system,” said Igor Solovyev, head of the IT and
Communications Office at the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian

Videoconferencing endpoints installed in 2010 include
Polycom’s HDX video systems, 52-inch professional HD LCD panels, document
cameras, and videoconferencing sessions recording and playback devices.

“Polycom’s support of the H.264 HD High Profile
video protocol reduces the consumption of communication channel bandwidth as
much as 50 percent during video conferencing sessions, enabling numerous
simultaneous multipoint HD sessions with enterprise-class HD quality,”
said Sergey Khomyakov, Russian country manager, Polycom.

These systems integrate with existing videoconferencing
server equipment located in the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian
Federation; thus the geographical scope of videoconferencing more than doubled,
and implementation of basic videoconferencing functionality was completed
throughout all of the 113 Russian Federation arbitration courts.

The project also involves data transport network
developed by ZAO Synterra, which can become the basis for the court’s
multi-service data network in the future.

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]