POSCO deploys Polycom RealPresence for video conferencing project

Telecom Lead Asia: POSCO Engineering & Construction has selected

Polycom RealPresence (source: businesswire.com)

video collaboration solutions for its video conferencing project.


The project is aimed at minimizing travel through enhanced collaboration between the company’s head office, local offices, and constructions sites in and out of Korea, and globally, including operations in Brazil and Indonesia.

POSCO Engineering has deployed Polycom video solutions including Polycom RealPresence Room systems in six locations across Korea including executive conference rooms in its Songdo office building, and conference rooms for employees in provincial areas. The system was also built in 13 locations in nine countries abroad including China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil, Australia, Chile, Peru, and Israel.

“With Polycom video, we have been able to reduce the number of unnecessary meetings and reporting, while improving the work efficiency and productivity of our employees. With video collaboration, we are able to connect to remote staff in construction sites across the globe,” said Jae-hyun Kwon, manager, Administrative Support Group, Management Support Division, POSCO Engineering and Construction.

POSCO E&C is planning to expand its current video network to create a Smart Meeting Culture, whereby all employees can participate via video conferencing beyond the office and meeting rooms, and have access through desktop PCs and mobile devices.

“POSCO E&C is a construction company, and is attracting attention from other companies with its use of video to connect construction sites in many different parts of the world to its offices. By maximizing the utilization of video collaboration solutions for accurate communications, POSCO E&C is able to enhance its working environment,” said Dae-jun Shin, country manager of Polycom Korea.

POSCO uses video solutions frequently across its offices including those in Seoul and Busan, and construction sites in different parts of the world for business and executive meetings, design and process review and remote inspections. The company conducts as many as 15 video calls a day on average, across the company’s global sites.

The company frequently connects anywhere between 40 to 800 participants over video at the one time, and is benefitting from streamlined operations and smooth collaboration.

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