Press Association selects MarkLogic to manage Big Data

MarkLogic Corporation, a empowering organizations to make
high stakes decisions on Big Data in real time, announced that the Press
Association (PA), the UK’s multimedia news agency and information provider, has
selected MarkLogic as the central content store, metadata repository, and
syndication engine for all of its unstructured information.

With MarkLogic as the Press Association’s new central
content store and repository, the organization can continue to provide up-to-the
minute progress on sporting events and breaking news, in a more flexible,
creative, and efficient manner.

As a multimedia content provider to the media industry
and beyond, the PA
has an ever-increasing content library of text, images, video, and data that
needs to be delivered to customers in multiple formats.

We are always looking for the best ways to develop our
technology infrastructure and deliver the best possible service to our
customers,” said Andrew Dowsett, CTO, the Press Association.

Our customers rely on us to deliver a vast range of
text, image, video, and data content in a variety of different input formats.
The sheer volume of this content makes it a complicated task from a technical
perspective. MarkLogic allows us to pull these assets together easily,
providing greater efficiencies internally and more flexible services to our
customers,” Dowsett added.

The Press Association needed a technology solution that
could manage all of its different content types, including structured and
unstructured data. The company has a huge archive of content in multiple data
formats, including articles, pictures, and video, coming in at a high velocity
from different locations globally.

MarkLogic Server’s ability to store this
information in a schema-agnostic central repository, manage the content
metadata, and make it easily accessible is the perfect fit to the Press
Association’s needs. With an archive dating back nearly 150 years, this
flexibility to deal with varied content types and formats is invaluable.

The Press Association understands that the dynamics of
the publishing landscape are changing,” said John Pomeroy, vice president,
MarkLogic Europe.

Top publishers worldwide see the digital transition and
a great opportunity to offer customers the products they want on the devices
they use. With MarkLogic, the Press Association is implementing a technology
solution that will enable the company to provide content to its customers in
the formats they need, ultimately creating more value for the customer and the
company,” Pomeroy added.


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