Procera Networks unveils services interoperability lab for telecom operators

By Telecom Lead Team: Procera Networks, a provider
of Intelligent Policy Enforcement (IPE) solutions, has unveiled its
3GPP Interoperability Laboratory in Malmo, Sweden.

The lab allows Procera’s Professional Services Team to
help customers test new personalized services using the 3GPP PCC Ecosystem,
focusing on interaction between PCEF, PCRF and OCS systems.

“Procera is striving to accelerate the pace of
business for 3GPP operators. The ability to verify signatures and create new
Virtual Services in real time adds significant revenue opportunities to mobile
operators’ business plans,” said Jon Linden, chief strategy officer of Procera Networks.

Procera’s 3GPP Interoperability lab offers its users for
testing a collection of mobile handsets and data devices, streaming media
devices, game consoles, tablets, PSM, PRE, and PIC, as well as remote and local
PCRF and OCS equipment.

The company said that operator customers can verify that
the services they want to offer can be delivered using all available technology
while matching the user experience on each device that is targeted for the

In addition, customers can also be assured that their
services will work in a multi-vendor 3GPP environment with rapid testing of
real-world traffic from the native devices to verify signatures and policies
used for charging and tiered services.

“This lab now allows us to fully test and
demonstrate to our mutual customers the LTE scalability, performance and
exciting new service concepts on the end-user devices their subscribers are
using, so they get a clear understanding before deployment of the results they
can expect to see,” said Ian Campbell, CTO of BroadHop.

In order to assist its customers in shaping the next
generation of standards and functionality for intelligent policy enforcement,
Procera has also joined the 3GPP Global Initiative.

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