PT announces Universal Diameter Router

Telecom Lead America: PT, a supplier of network
communications, announced its Universal Diameter Router (UDR).

UDR provides essential functions of centralized core and
edge routing for Diameter Protocol elements widely used in the all-IP,
service-oriented, IMS and Long Term Evolution (LTE) architecture networks.

As IMS and LTE infrastructures are deployed, new elements
such as policy servers, gateways, session controllers, and charging systems are
interconnected and interwork via Diameter Protocol to exchange network

The proliferation of these adjunct network devices,
together with the exploding appetite for extreme bandwidths enabled by LTE and
IMS, result in the need to manage enormous increases in signaling traffic
within the network.

The volume and complexity of Diameter traffic places
staggering demands on core signaling elements; with SEGway’s IP-native,
built-for-purpose platform, service providers attain scalable high performance
with powerful multi-core processors, 10Gb point-to-point backplane speeds and
40Gb uplink.

The flexible routing engine and advanced screening
capabilities provide the ability to route and screen on any parameter in the
message. Architected for extensibility as well as straightforward evolution to
future Diameter applications, this high-powered platform makes SEGway UDR ideal
for Next-Generation Network (NGN) deployments.

“The SEGway UDR fully leverages our substantive
portfolio of IP-centric and advanced network routing hardware and software
technologies with the expertise gained by our long history of deploying carrier
grade network solutions,” said John Slusser, president and CEO of PT.

“PT’s UDR allows service providers to leverage
existing networks’ infrastructure on their path to LTE using a richly featured
and precision-tuned, cost-conscious platform, avoiding the expense and
drawbacks of some early off-the-shelf entries. With SEGway, the Next-Gen
service provider benefits through Simply Smarter Signaling, the PT
advantage,” said Patt Rice, PT’s Senior VP, Sales, Marketing and Service.

PT’s SEGway Signaling products are deployed in over one
thousand locations, providing the Signaling backbone for many of the world’s
premier wireless networks.

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