PT revenues plunges to $5 million in Q2 FY12

Telecom Lead America: PT, a provider of advanced network
communications solutions, has posted revenue of $5 million for the second
quarter of 2012 ended on June 30, 2012, down from $8.5 million for
the same quarter a year earlier.


The net loss amounted at $1.8 million in the second
quarter 2012, as compared to net loss of $.5 million for the same quarter a
year earlier.


At the end of the second quarter, the company had cash
and investments amounting to $16.0 million, working capital of $18.0
million and no long-term debt.


John Slusser, president and chief executive officer of
the company said that results are very disappointed following two profitable


The second quarter revenues were impacted by
significantly lower shipments to traditionally largest customer.


Furthermore, the company said that decline in revenues
have been experienced by almost all of its peers and channel partners in the
network communications marketplace. Additionally, capital expenditures for
telecom and government network infrastructure significantly declined in the
second quarter.


The company’s operating expenses stood at $3.9 million in
the second quarter of 2012, as compared to $4.2 million for the same quarter a
year earlier.


During the quarter, PT launched Universal Diameter Router
(UDR), which provides essential functions of centralized
core and edge routing for Diameter Protocol elements widely used in the all-IP,
service-oriented, IMS and Long Term Evolution (LTE) architecture networks.


Bakcell deploys Number Portability Solution from PT


Last month, Bakcell deployed PT’s SEGway Number
Portability Solution for their network in Baku, Azerbaijan.


The Number Portability solution was deployed on PT’s
SEGway Signaling platform, a modular and scalable system that is already an
integral element of Bakcell’s mobile infrastructure.



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