Qforma unveils MobileMETRx

Qforma, a provider of analytics and predictive modeling technologies for the
health sciences industry, has launched MobileMETRx, a mobile service that
provides pharmaceutical and medical device industry field personnel with
on-demand access to Qforma market insights.

Qforma’s MobileMETRx service integrates with customers’ existing mobile
platforms, web applications or databases in defined data formats, with delivery
protocols, update schedules and other special requirements.

“Services like this are a much-needed solution for field personnel who
have limited access to key data,” said Kelly D. Myers, CEO of Qforma.


By providing real-time market insights directly to their mobile devices, our
service streamlines the complex information that must be conveyed, and
increases the effectiveness and efficiency of their programs and activities.

“Exporting data from multiple Qforma solutions, including our local
physician influence insights, MobileMETRx enables our clients to take immediate
action as new opportunities and challenges present themselves,” said Al
Reicheg, chief commercial officer at Qforma.

By Telecomlead.com Team

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