Qtel to offer new Cisco router for intelligent home broadband networking

Telecom Lead Middle East: Qtel has become the first
telecom operator in the world to offer new Cisco router for intelligent home
broadband networking.

“One of the benefits of the new Cisco router is that
as our customers upgrade their home broadband experience, their Wi-Fi router’s
capabilities will grow with them, and they’ll find themselves able to access
more and more content at ever-faster speeds,” said Waleed Al Sayed, chief
operating officer, Qtel Qatar.

The router is able to move content around the home at up to 1Gbps through its
Gigabit Ethernet ports and through its high speed dual band wireless
capabilities. Large transfers to other computers and networked devices within a
home (not just the Internet) can be done in a fraction of the time.

Qtel selected Cisco’s new router for its pedigree of excellence and
technological innovation. Many routers are not capable of achieving more than
100Mbps via Wi-Fi, which the Cisco router can comfortably achieve.

The Cisco router operates two Wi-Fi frequencies simultaneously, at 2.4 and
5Ghz, enabling both next generation devices and current high end consumer
devices to connect at much faster speeds and with less interference for quick

Using this router with its dual Wi-Fi frequency
capability means that devices are able to connect to the best available
network, helping eliminate compromising speeds and distances for older devices.

“Emerging markets such as Qatar are of strategic importance to us as
high-speed broadband grows in these areas at a far higher pace than established
markets. High-quality home networking solutions are needed to support the
increased number of connected devices and greater expectations for streaming
video in today’s home,” said Brett Wingo, vice president and general manager,
Cisco Home Networking.

Cisco claims that the Linksys EA4500 Smart Wi-Fi Router
will help simplify home networking for Qtel customers and enable them to
connect all their devices together, to enjoy entertainment experiences such as
smooth HD video streaming to Smart TVs or tablets.

The launch of the new Cisco Linksys EA4500 Smart Wi-Fi Router in Qatar is just
the first of what will be a range of new products and services by Cisco. The
aim is to make new technologies accessible to enhance the ways in which people
communicate and entertain themselves at home in Qatar, in line with Qatar’s
2030 vision of a knowledge-based economy.

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