Radware and NEC to develop software defined networking solution

Telecom Lead America: Radware and NEC are collaborating
for developing a joint solution that forwards both companies’ activities in the
software defined networking (SDN) arena.

The joint solution will integrate Radware’s Attack
Mitigation System into NEC’s ProgrammableFlow OpenFlow-based switches and

The solution will enable customers to extend the
advantages of the software SDN approach in the arena of network security.

While SDN and the OpenFlow protocol are entering more
mainstream adoption amongst networking equipment vendors and end user companies
in support of next-generation networking practices, extending the benefits of
this approach to security demands and models is largely untapped.

The joint solution of NEC’s advanced ProgrammableFlow
Controller, OpenFlow switch fabric and Radware’s Attack Mitigation System will
provide a network and application security-aware network that assigns security
protection resources that can be customize per need according to varying levels
of detected threats and traffic volumes.

With the secured NEC switch fabric, fast provisioning of
network security resources and services for hosted customers, server
applications and the entire network infrastructure will now be possible.

In addition, Radware will provide application security
intelligence for NEC’s ProgrammableFlow Controller, which will enable improved
adherence to security service level agreements (SLAs) in the face of the most
severe emerging threats at both the network and application layers.

“We believe that software defined networking is
opening new opportunities for move innovative security solutions, which will be
innately integrated into the network infrastructure,” said Miguel Llerena,
director of channels and alliances, Radware.

“As a pioneer in OpenFlow-based software defined
networking, we are excited about the prospect of combining our strengths with
Radware’s recognized application and network security leadership,” said
Don Clark, director of business development, NEC Corporation of America.

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