RADWIN Reveals a Broadband Wireless Mobility Solution Securing Real-Time, High Quality Video Surveillance for Metros

RADWIN, a provider of Backhaul and Broadband Wireless Solutions, released a cost effective solution that provides high capacity wireless connectivity for moving trains.




RADWIN‘s Wireless Mobility system was designed to operate in intense mobility environments, delivering up to 30Mbps net throughput for vehicles moving at speeds of up to 150Km/h (to be extended up to 300Km/h).




Uniquely designed to enable high-speed communications with fast moving trains, RADWIN’s Mobility Solutions assure reliable delivery of real time, high capacity, high quality video streaming for surveillance purposes and a range of applications including Train Control, Passenger Information systems, Internet access, on-board entertainment, advertising and more.



Using this solution, fixed Base Stations are deployed every 2-10 km along the track while mobile units are placed on the moving train. RADWIN’s unique technology ensures seamless communications and smooth handover between the base stations, even when travelling at extremely high speeds. RADWIN’s Broadband Wireless Mobility solution utilizes frequencies between 2.3 – 6GHz in license-free and licensed.




Having deployed over 200,000 Telco Grade radios across the globe for fixed applications, RADWIN has now leveraged its vast broadband field experience to develop a technologically advanced wireless mobility solution to address the growing demand for effective and reliable broadband communications with fast moving vehicles, such as trains”, said Sharon Sher, president and CEO, RADWIN.




Such mobility applications are driven by the growing demand for security measures on trains and the need to deliver high quality video from moving cars. Having introduced this solution for several projects of this type, there is a sincere interest from several sources for this application as well as for similar applications requiring high-speed broadband mobility communications”,  Sher added.




This solution is also suitable for trains, trams, light rail, trolley cars, airport trains and similar transportation means.




By TelecomLead.com Team


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