Ramco launches analytics and gateway products on the Cloud

Ramco Systems announced the launch of Ramco
OnDemand-Analytics and Gateway products on the Cloud.

With this launch, Ramco Systems strengthens its leading
position as a provider of Enterprise cloud products. The company currently has
3000+ users for its ERP on the Cloud and expects to touch 7000 users in 12

Cloud is a revolutionary
business model that dramatically changes the way businesses are run. At Ramco,
we have been working on the technology to offer simple, powerful, easy and less
expensive solutions that can handle complex business situations,” said PR
Venketrama Raja, vice chairman, managing director & CEO, Ramco Systems.

All our products are built on the powerful Ramco
VirtualWorks and DecisionWorks platforms, ensuring that they are cloud-ready
by design. We are working toward fusing both these platforms to offer a robust
world-class enterprise product that is capable of covering the entire business
cycle from transaction to analytics,” Raja added.


The newly launched,
Ramco OnDemand Analytics
is the first full-fledged pre-built analytics on
the Cloud. As the entire solution is pre-engineered, customers can go live
easily. Current customers on the Cloud can avail of the  ‘switch-on’
functionality, while others, will need to go through the ‘plug n’ play’ mode.
Traditional Analytics solutions are built ground-up, are very complex and take
many man-months to implement. With this launch, Ramco is bringing a
ready-to-use analytics solution with all the benefits of a Cloud model. This
will ensure that customers, who hitherto could not afford an Analytics
offering, can start using the solution easily. One of the unique features of Ramco’s
Cloud Analytics
offering is that it can integrate with any ERP
with a set of connectors.


Ramco OnDemand Analytics is powered by a comprehensive
Business Intelligence Platform – Ramco DecisionWorks – which offers a robust
infrastructure, and can address large scale enterprise data warehousing
It facilitates
business performance monitoring, decision support and strategy formulation for
an enterprise.


Ramco OnDemand Gateway products enable
customers to quickly and easily adopt business applications, and then graduate
to a full-fledged ERP, without replacing the existing system. Gateway products
a fusion of
transaction and decision support systems (i.e. ERP with self-contained
Analytics), thereby supporting both operations and decision-making.


One of the key
features of the Gateway product is its Zero touch/self-service
The product is highly templatized and the entire
enrolment and on-boarding processes are automated. Users can easily learn the
functionalities and processes using the self-training kit. This ensures that
the entire implementation is truly zero-touch, a revolution in ERP.

By TelecomLead.com
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