Red Anvil picks tw telecom to provide business Ethernet services

Telecom Lead America: tw telecom, a provider of
managed services for enterprises in the U.S. and globally, has been selected by
managed technology services provider Red Anvil to deliver its business Ethernet


“tw telecom has a superbly-engineered data
network so we are pleased to partner with them for connectivity to our
datacenter. The data network is an increasingly critical component in today’s
hosted business systems, so we are pleased to have a network partner that we
can trust for reliable connectivity,” said Neil Biondich, CEO of Red Anvil.


Red Anvil offers data center, cloud hosting, cloud
services, application hosting, data management and co-location services to
businesses in the Midwest.


tw telecom’s Business Ethernet service lets businesses
take advantage of the same Ethernet technology they use in their Local Area
Network and extend it to their Metropolitan Area Network. The new Ethernet
solution is designed to provide ubiquitous Business Ethernet reach across the United States to
thousands of enterprise customers and buildings through a single Ethernet
connection scalable to 10 Gig.


“Red Anvil is an incredible success story, a Midwest
company that has grown nearly 600 percent since 2004 by focusing on offering
customers safe, secure services and guaranteeing the highest levels of customer
service. We are confident that tw telecom services will help ensure
that Red Anvil continues to deliver exceptional service and value to its
customers even as its growth continues,” said Sandee Lammers, vice
president and general manager of tw telecom in Milwaukee.


tw telecom connects more commercial buildings to its
resilient, fiber network than any other competitive communications


The company claims that it has the third highest market
share of retail Ethernet ports in service, its own metro fiber networks and one
of the ten most interconnected IP backbones in the world.


tw telecom to roll out first phase of Intelligent Network
service portfolio


tw telecom is rolling out Enhanced Management, the first
phase of its Intelligent Network service portfolio. The company is expecting
that the national rollout will be completed during the summer of 2012.


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