Renewable energy sources Usage to assist telecom providers to save Rs 80,000 crore in 8 years

Telecom Lead India: Usage
of renewable energy sources will assist Indian telecom service providers to
save up to Rs 80,000 crore over the next eight years.

By replacing diesel with a renewable energy source to power
towers, domestic telecom companies can save around Rs 10,000 crore every year
that adds up to nearly Rs 80,000 crore over the 8 year period.

Greenpeace, while sharing a green telecom roadmap, said the
government will be able to save subsidies of around Rs 273 crore every year
from reduction in use of diesel.

The Greenpeace report said India has 400,000 network towers and over 70 percent
of them are located in off-grid, rural and semi-urban locations. 

Around 60 percent of these towers are placed in indoor shelters as the old
generation equipment cannot function beyond certain temperatures. 

Currently rural outdoor tower sites’ biggest expense is caused by per unit
(kWh) electricity from diesel. In such areas, the unit cost of electricity can
go up to Rs 80-90/kWh. 

Greenpeace suggests that telecom companies should eliminate diesel consumption
in rural and semi-urban areas that account for 70 percent of total towers. This
constitutes a total of 280,000 towers, out of which around 20 per cent are in
areas where the average electricity availability is less than 4 hours. 

Eliminating diesel from towers in urban regions will eliminate an average of
390 million liters of diesel usage every year and an estimated amount of about
3 to 3.2 billion liters by 2020. 

The total investment will be close to Rs 67,000 crore by 2020. In comparison
the operational expenses based on diesel would be around Rs 80,000 crore.