Revenues for smart home systems and services in U.S. will be $7.6 billion in 2012

Telecom Lead America: US revenues for smart home systems
and services will be $7.6 billion in 2012. The main drivers will be increasing
demand for broadband-enabled home security and control systems.

According to Strategy Analytics, more than 8 percent of
US homes will own at least one smart home product or service in 2012. The most
popular are self-controlled and self-monitoring systems like video cameras,
motion sensors, lighting and thermostats.

IP-based security systems and services will account for
nearly one-third of the $24.3 billion total smart home market in 2017.

The proliferation of both fixed and mobile broadband
connectivity, coupled with service provider need to develop additional revenue
generating units (RGUs) to offset declining growth in traditional businesses,
is driving adoption of a broad array of smart home systems and services,” said
Bill Ablondi, director, Smart Home Strategies advisory service, Strategy

Strategy Analytics said that this report assesses the
opportunity for other emerging smart home services, such as digital health
systems, which offer professionally monitored home-based healthcare services,
and smart appliances, like refrigerators integrated with automatic food
monitoring and ordering technologies.

US Smart Home Systems and Services Market Forecast ($







Smart Home Hardware



$ 13.0

Smart Home Services & Installation Fees



$ 11.3




$ 24.3

Note: Includes IP-based security, home monitoring and
control, entertainment control, smart appliance controllers, digital healthcare; hardware, service and
installation fees

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