Revenues of video platforms market will reach $2.1 billion in 2012

Telecom Lead America: In 2012, global revenues for video
platforms distributing video on behalf of media & entertainment companies
(including cable & satellite distributors) will reach $2.1 billion, and
will grow to over $4 billion in 2017.


The significant increase in revenue will be driven by the
growth of TV Everywhere and Over-the-Top (OTT) video, including Comcast
Xfinity, HBO Go, Netflix, iPlayer, and Sky Go. Companies in video delivery and
management, online video platforms (OVPs), managed video platforms (MVPs),
content management systems (CMSs), and content delivery networks (CDNs) are
growing at impressive rates.


Akamai, has a commanding lead of the video delivery
market, with about $475 million in 2011.


KIT Digital, suffering through serious growing pains in
early 2012, leads the market for content management systems with nearly $175
million video delivery revenues from media & entertainment companies in


Brightcove is the largest OVP with $64 million in 2011
media & entertainment revenues.


Synacor, who primarily hosts websites for Cable MSOs,
leads out the MVP market with nearly $91 million in 2011 revenues.


Sam Rosen, practice director of TV & video at ABI
Research, said however, each offers a unique piece of the solution.


Managed video platforms (MVPs) are helpful for operators
that don’t have the technical expertise to deliver a video service, and want a
turnkey solution. Content management systems (CMSs) are attractive to the
largest operators with diverse assets and a desire to manage all their video


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