RightScale and Zend Deliver Open PaaS for PHP

RightScale, a provider of cloud computing management, and Zend Technologies, the PHP Company, have announced a jointly-developed solution for deploying and managing business-critical PHP applications with high availability, elasticity and portability in the cloud. The new RightScale Zend PHP Solution Pack provides a pre-configured open Platform as a Service (PaaS) architecture for faster cloud onboarding while maintaining the ability to customize and control the cloud environment.


The RightScale Zend PHP Solution Pack combines the RightScale Cloud Management Platform with the Zend PHP architecture powered by Zend Server, making it the only production-ready solution to instantly provision a pre-configured, clustered PHP environment that scales dynamically while ensuring high availability. Now enterprises can take advantage of a pre-configured, 3-tier high availability (HA) architecture for a faster on-ramp to cloud deployment while retaining full control of the architecture and freedom to choose among a variety of target cloud resource pools. The RightScale Zend PHP Solution Pack comes bundled with RightScale premium onboarding a step-by-step path to deploying on the cloud which helps customers get started quickly while following best practices developed jointly by RightScale and Zend.


The RightScale Zend PHP Solution Pack is a natural evolution in the partnership between RightScale and Zend that began with the RightScale Development and Test Solution Pack introduced last year. The Development and Test Solution Pack allows developers and testers to provision a complete, pre-integrated Zend PHP environment through RightScale’s self-service portal, streamlining application development and testing processes.


Web applications are increasingly deployed in the cloud to benefit from the elasticity, cost-savings and other efficiencies of cloud infrastructures. Many businesses are using the cloud to build entirely new business models or support massive marketing campaigns, as well as to support more traditional development, testing and production release of web applications.

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