R&M Releases e-version of CONNECTIONS for its 40th Issue


Swiss cabling specialist R&M has announced the release of the online e-version of its customer magazine CONNECTIONS. Along with the 40th printed issue, R&M will be releasing CONNECTIONS in a new Internet format. The electronic version of the magazine presents compact information, background material, trends and case studies from the world of cabling and links them to relevant galleries, select videos or detailed tips. Industry experts are welcome to view the online version, R&M CONNECTIONS. Users can also share interesting content via their own Twitter or Facebook profile and subscribe as an RSS Feed.



“We want to help people benefit more from our customer magazine”. Customers, partners, planners and pros from the cabling world can now go online and read instructive articles of lasting interest from the magazine at any time, and can obtain additional material such as links or PDF files applicable to their own work. The e-version of CONNECTIONS will also be updated constantly, whereas the printed version will continue to appear twice a year,” said René Eichenberger, editor-and-chief, R&M.



CONNECTIONS has appeared since 1991 and is a well-respected customer magazine in the cabling industry with high information standards. It is a mainstay of corporate communication at R&M. The magazine appears in three languages and is distributed in about 40 countries worldwide.



“The virtual version of CONNECTIONS is set up as what is called a micro-site. That means it exists independently alongside our website and has a specially developed screen design. The design is optimized for use on modern smartphones and tablet PCs,” said Steve Coucheman, head of Electronic Media at R&M.



The content is structured similarly to a printed magazine. The main story covers a current special topic. The e-magazine has the following priority sections: Trends (background material, technical advances, and technical knowledge), Success (case studies, user reports) and Product and Corporate News (information from within the company). 



By TelecomLead.com Team

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