Roamers use data more than voice

Data consumption and data sessions have shown rapid
year-on-year growth (97 percent and 69 percent respectively), for the first
time exceeding voice traffic volumes for roaming sessions. In contrast to the
rise of mobile data traffic, voice traffic growth is flat across the period,
according to MACH, a provider of hub-based mobile communication solutions.


These results clearly show how the evolution of smarter
mobile devices is changing how we communicate when travelling. The decline in
the popularity of voice speaks to the rise of alternative, yet immediate,
communications platforms such as instant messaging and social networking, while
SMS and email have continued to erode the volumes of voice traffic for roaming
sessions.  The huge increase in download volumes also demonstrates just
how popular apps are becoming, with consumers wishing to download and interact
with them even while abroad,” said Artur Michalczyk, chief product officer,


The roaming traffic analysis shows that while data
sessions are also growing, they are doing so at a slower rate than data
consumption.  This is most likely because smartphones and tablet devices
are designed to connect once and then stay connected, whereas traditional
handsets connect each time the user requests an action.


SMS traffic volumes, meanwhile, have continued to grow
(by 23 per cent), illustrating the continued popularity of this communication

MACH’s analysis shows that roaming subscribers are using
double the data that they were using a year ago. However, it is worth noting
that users in their home networks consume 300 times the data that they do when
they are abroad. For the industry there is enormous potential in removing this
disparity and empowering users to roam without boundaries.


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