Rohde & Schwarz offers protocol test cases for dual carrier HSDPA and LTE-CDMA2000 handover

Rohde & Schwarz, a supplier of test and measurement equipment, announced
the world’s first test case validated by the Global Certification Forum, TTCN-3
test case, for verifying smooth transition from an LTE network to an existing
CDMA2000 1xRTT network.

Manufacturers use handover tests to evaluate device performance when switching
between LTE and other network infrastructures. The Global Certification Forum
specifies defined test cases for this scenario.

TTCN-3 test case is now available for the R&S
CMW500 wideband radio communication tester. The test cases are also now
available for the R&S CMW500.

Rohde & Schwarz
is the only T&M equipment manufacturer to offer validated test cases for
Dual Carrier HSDPA on adjacent carriers FDD Rel. 8 (GCF WI-129). This
technology combines two UMTS channels to achieve a transmission rate of 42 Mbit
per second.

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