Rohde & Schwarz presents wideband I/Q data recorder for device tests

Rohde & Schwarz announced that its wideband I/Q data recorder enables realistic device tests in the lab.
R&S IQW wideband IQ data recorder
The Germany-based test and measurement company said engineers can use the R&S IQW wideband I/Q data recorder to record signal scenarios typically required in test cases at a bandwidth up to 512 MHz and high sampling rates.

The solution records wideband RF signals and reproduces them to simulate real-world test environments, enabling realistic, repeatable device tests in the lab, Rohde & Schwarz said on Monday.

The device testing solution consists of an R&S FSW signal and spectrum analyzer, the new R&S IQW wideband I/Q data recorder and an R&S SMW200A vector signal generator from Rohde & Schwarz.

The global T&M leader said R&S IQW records the signal spectrum of a wideband RF signal or the spectra of multiple narrowband signals in a frequency band, with a bandwidth up to 512 MHz.

Engineers can use the testing solution for component tests with radar signals, for deployments using a variety of RF test scenarios in the automotive sector, and for tests employing GNSS signals.

The R&S IQW high-end I/Q data recorder samples signal spectra at up to 640 Msample/s and a large bit depth – 16 bits each for I and Q data. The company is using removable 6.4 Tbyte SSD memory packs for storage.

Signals are captured by an R&S FSW signal and spectrum analyzer. The instrument acquires signals with high sensitivity, generates the corresponding I/Q data in real time and transfers the data gapless to the R&S IQW. Rohde & Schwarz is selling the R&S FSW in seven models for frequency ranges up to 90 GHz.

Rohde & Schwarz said the wideband I/Q data recorder is usually operated via LAN using a web based GUI that automatically adapts to the actual screen size. The recorder can also be operated locally via its 5.7″ TFT touchscreen, with the option of connecting an accessory keyboard and mouse.