Rove Mobile Admin allows IT admins to monitor networks remotely


Rove announced that IT decision-makers are increasingly
turning to Android smartphones and tablets to manage their networks using
Rove’s powerful remote monitoring system, Mobile Admin.


Rove Mobile Admin provides users with
immediate notification of issues, and access to the industry’s most
comprehensive suite of functionality for incident notification, diagnosis,
triage and resolution from a mobile device.


With Mobile Admin we’ve not only increased efficiency
and response times but also reduced costs. Instead of carrying a laptop and an
expensive 3G service, the team can use the less expensive data service on their
Android devices from anywhere, anytime, all usually less than a minute after
being notified there was an issue or a request being sent to them. One of my
team used his Sprint HTC EVO Android device to reboot a set of critical SAAS
servers while he was training for a triathlon.  This prevented our
customers from seeing an outage of the service,” said Larry Labas, director of
IT operations for SonicWALL.


The latest version of Mobile Admin allows IT staff to have even greater visibility and security with the Dashboard
and Notification system. IT admins are now able to set up personal monitors for
their network and be alerted through push notifications to their Android devices.


Android tablets provide users with a device that is a
serious competitor to the iPad in the tablet space. Our Android users are now
able to resolve IT issues more quickly and easily due to the increased screen
real-estate and faster processing power on their tablets. The Mobile Admin Push
Notification system delivers personally-scoped alerts to any and all of your
Android devices,” said Matt Moore, director of development, Rove.


By Team
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