RSA and Juniper expand technology partnership to prevent advanced threats

Telecom Lead America: Juniper Networks has joined hands with RSA to expand their technology partnership to help detect and prevent advanced threats and enhance the security and usability of remote access for mobile users.The partnership builds on the agreement announced in 2012 to help enable mobile security services tying strong authentication with secure remote access to extend the security model and streamline the mobile user experience when accessing both corporate and cloud-based resources.The companies are engaged in ongoing interoperability testing so that RSA mobile authentication technologies work with the Juniper Networks Junos Pulse SSL Secure solution for secure, mobile remote access to corporate resources.

The companies also intend to collaborate further to enable Junos Pulse SSL Secure to authenticate native mobile application access to present a unified access point for both VPN and mobile applications.

The collaboration will include sharing of threat intelligence contained in the new Juniper Networks Junos  Spotlight Secure global attacker intelligence service and the RSA Live threat intelligence delivery system to help IT security staff reduce the time it takes to identify, assess, and respond to incidents.

The partnership between RSA and Juniper address the visibility gaps prevailing the threat landscape by providing extensive intelligence sharing between the RSA Live threat delivery service and Juniper Networks Junos Spotlight Secure global attacker intelligence service, the company said.

The sharing of these sources and techniques is anticipated to help provide customers with unparalleled visibility into the attacks which target their networks, as well as the ability to more quickly and effectively block and mitigate them.

Juniper Networks’ revenue up 2% to $1.141 billion in Q4 2012

Juniper Networks has posted 2 percent increase in Q4 2012 revenue at $1.141 billion. The company posted net income of $96 million in the fourth quarter of 2012. The networking company’s full year revenue for 2012, however, declined 2 percent to $4.365 billion.

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