RSA launches NetWitness Panorama technology

RSA, the security division of EMC, announced the launch
of RSA NetWitness Panorama technology and enhancements to its RSA enVision
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform. 

These improvements are designed to provide customers with
the ability to better identify and combat today’s advanced threats.

RSA NetWitness Panorama, a new module in the RSA NetWitness family, delivers
innovation in security analytics through the fusion of hundreds of log data
sources with external threat intelligence.  Combined with RSA NetWitness,
enterprises can have extraordinarily broad and robust high-speed visibility
into the critical information needed to help detect today’s targeted, dynamic
and stealthy attack techniques. 

RSA NetWitness Panorama may be deployed in three ways: as
an extension to RSA NetWitness installations to combine the diverse information
contained in log files with the deep content of full traffic capture, alongside
RSA enVision for fast security analytics across the volumes of log data
collected by RSA enVision, or as a standalone log analytics module with or
without other 3rd party SIEM tools. 

Customers are wrestling with the need to use a variety
of data sources both to demonstrate compliance and to combat advanced threats,”
said Amit Yoran, senior vice president and general manager, Security Management
and Compliance Business, RSA. 

Log management and SIEM technologies are important
elements of incident and threat management processes, but have been constrained
by a lack of a common lexicon, scalability, and the agility to adapt to the
ever-changing threat landscape.  

The RSA NetWitness Panorama module can either consume
syslog data directly or gain richer data via direct feeds from the RSA enVision
SIEM platform to provide even greater context for investigations and incident

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