Ruckus launches 802.11n outdoor AC-powered Wi-Fi access points

By Telecom
Lead Team:
Ruckus Wireless has launched ZoneFlex 7762-AC, and the ZoneFlex
7762-S-AC, the 802.11n outdoor AC-powered Wi-Fi access points (APs).


The ZoneFlex
series integrates Ruckus-patented BeamFlex adaptive antenna array
technology for unmatched range and reliability.


The 7762-AC
line is made for mobile operators looking to provide ubiquitous, high-capacity
Wi-Fi coverage, improve the subscriber experience, and support growing numbers
of smartphones and mobile devices connecting to their networks.


unlicensed Wi-Fi was widely considered unreliable and uncontrollable by
carriers, with recent advances in the technology, it is now being embraced by
operators worldwide as one of the most economical tools for adding capacity,
coverage and performance to support a new class of higher speed subscribers.
Our new 7762-AC access points solve these problems with easy deployment
anywhere AC power is available,” said Rob Mustarde, vice president of
marketing for Ruckus Wireless.


With AC power
support, the 7762-AC offers fast and easy mounting to street lights, traffic
controls, and other street furniture, to quickly light up outdoor metropolitan
and other high-density areas with high-performance Wi-Fi.


In addition to
public access services, the 7762-AC is well suited for small cell wireless
backhaul and mobile data offload, and is designed to be co-located
with small cell base stations to minimize expensive site acquisition.


The ZoneFlex
7762-AC series is a family of two-stream, 3×3, dual-band 802.11n access points
capable of delivering up to 12dBi of signal gain and 15dB of interference
rejection and 600 Mbps of capacity.


The ZoneFlex
7762-AC is available in two models: the 7762-AC, which integrates a 360 degree
directional smart antenna array; and the 7762-S-AC, a sectorized array model
that focuses Wi-Fi coverage within 120 degrees beam width.


The ZoneFlex
7762-AC and 7762-S-AC are priced starting at $2,499 and come with a
one-year warranty.


Recently, Ruckus Wireless announced that the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, New York standardized on
the Ruckus Wi-Fi wall switch to address explosive demand for IP-based
services and wireless capacity.

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