Ruckus Wi-Fi technology powers top 3 highest ranked chains for hotel Wi-Fi

Telecom Lead U.S: Ruckus Wireless, which provides advanced Smart Wi-Fi products and technologies, announced it is powering the top three highest ranked hotel chains for Wi-Fi.

Kimpton Hotels, Peninsula Hotels, and Fairmont Hotels — ranked first, second, and third, respectively in HotelChatter’s 2012 Hotel Wi-Fi Report for the best Wi-Fi in the world for their guests — are using Ruckus ZoneFlex Wi-Fi technology.

This is the second year in a row Ruckus’ customers are ranked high by HotelChatter.

Ruckus ZoneFlex extends signal range and delivers consistent performance at long ranges. This is achieved through patented adaptive antenna technology that automatically focuses Wi-Fi signals only where they are needed, creating stronger signals that can be “steered” around obstacles and interference.

The Ruckus ZoneFlex system is the only to combine SmartMesh Networking, directional, high-gain RF signal routing, and predictive channel selection for unprecedented coverage and performance at an affordable price.

Beyond high-speed Wi-Fi guest access, hotels are using Wi-Fi for a myriad of applications—from service optimization to environmental controls, and IPTV to tablet-based location services.

“Kimpton, Peninsula, and Fairmont are premier hotels, and these Best Wi-Fi rankings clearly demonstrate that ZoneFlex is the gold standard in hospitality Wi-Fi deployments,” said Ted Watson, director of Global Hospitality Solutions for Ruckus Wireless.

Hotel guests are increasingly demanding the same Wi-Fi reliability on their handheld devices like smartphones and tablets that they need in their room on their laptops. “Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi delivers on all of these demands in a growing mobile world, and as we like to say, that’s simply better wireless—for hotels and their guests,” Watson added.

More than 20 Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants worldwide feature Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi technology.

Ruckus Wireless advanced Smart Wi-Fi products and technologies address the growing challenges faced by hoteliers to support thousands of simultaneous Wi-Fi users within high-capacity venues and conference locations.

Ruckus 802.11n ZoneFlex 7982 ranked high in Syracuse University’s CCENT Testing

Just two days ago Ruckus Wireless announced its new three-stream 802.11n ZoneFlex 7982 consistently outperformed competitive alternatives in the industry’s first evaluation of high-speed three-stream enterprise Wi-Fi access points (APs).

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