Ruckus Wireless unveils four new mobile apps for real-time Wi-Fi performance analysis

Telecom Lead America: Ruckus Wireless unveiled a family of four new Smart Wi-Fi mobile applications to provide system integrators, value-added resellers and network administrators with real-time Wi-Fi performance analysis of Ruckus and third party access points.

The new suite of applications developed by Ruckus includes SpeedFlex, S.W.A.T, Zapper, and ZD Remote apps. They are available free of cost on the Apple iTunes App Store and other online outlets.

SpeedFlex, designed for iOS and Android users, is a wireless throughput performance-testing tool based on the Ruckus open source performance test tool that gives users a simple, easy way to collect site performance data. SpeedFlex captures real-time throughput (uplink/downlink), packet loss and site data, and lets users take pictures and send an email with the results packaged in a PDF file.

S.W.A.T. is a wireless assessment tool for performance testing, and site survey companion to Ruckus SpeedFlex. It can be used to validate the performance of an existing installation, or assist in planning a new site deployment.

Zapper, built on the open source ZAP wireless library, is a real time performance analysis tool that lets users test the performance of an existing network, validate APs, and perform competitive testing to help make accurate comparisons.

Designed for use with the Apple iPad, Ruckus ZD Remote is for users of the Ruckus ZoneDirector management appliance. ZD Remote offers real-time monitoring of Ruckus Smart WLANs to provide stats, dashboard widgets, client details and live logs. The company has plans to add ZoneDirector configuration controls to ZD Remote, allowing administrators to quickly and easily manage their Ruckus WLAN environments.

“Anyone who has ever deployed a wireless network of any size clearly understands how difficult it can be to optimize Wi-Fi performance and coverage,” said Rob Mustarde, VP of Marketing for Ruckus Wireless. “We wanted to radically simplify this process with tools that are intuitive to use and understand, and which offer a compelling value in the data they deliver.”

Recently Ruckus Wireless was selected by Nomsys Mongolia, an Internet service provider in Mongolia, to create Wi-Fi access network in Ulaanbaatar.

Nomsys is deploying Ruckus indoor and outdoor access points (APs) in the city’s suburbs as well as providing free Wi-Fi access points to select families that will, in turn, use that device to provide paid wireless access to others within a given area

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