Rural connectivity: Cisco launches Connected ATM solution for Indian banks

Telecom Lead India: Offering rural connectivity, Cisco has launched its Connected ATM Solution targeting Indian banks.

Cisco’s new ATM solution is aimed at helping banks meet the Indian Government mandate for ATM network expansion across the country, with specific emphasis on rural connectivity.

“To attain sustainable and profitable growth, banks must adopt cost-effective IT solutions that comply with industry regulations. Cisco’s solution-led approach and strong play in architectures help BFSI institutions implement the right technology while addressing scalability and security issues,” said Avinash Purwar, senior vice president, Cisco India and SAARC.

“Cisco has been instrumental in developing tailor-made solutions for the BFSI vertical, and integrated solutions like Cisco 3G WWAN HWICs will help Indian banks to significantly increase ATM penetration, while also ensuring security and cost-effectiveness,” Purwar added.

The ATM solution features Cisco’s Integrated Services Routers (ISRs) with a 3G wireless and CDMA connectivity option based on the Cisco 3G wireless WAN High-Speed Interface Card (HWIC), suitable for both backup and primary applications.

Cisco said this wireless connectivity option, when coupled with a service provider wireless data plan, provides a cost-effective, deployable, reliable, and secure backup solution for remote sites and branch offices. Cisco has customized this offering to suit remote and off-site ATM operations that require low data usage but have high security requirements.

The ATMs will connect to the 860 VAE ISE routers on Ethernet port while the cellular interface connects to the service provider cloud, where the traffic from the cellular interface is inducted in the MPLS (Multi-protocol Label Switching) cloud and is routed to the bank’s DC and DR locations.

Traffic on the cellular network is secured through the creation of an Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) tunnel from the router at the ATM location and is terminated at the Cisco head-end router in the bank’s DC and DR site.

The remote/off-site ATM solution comprises two components, a Cisco 860VAE Series Integrated Services Router at each of the ATM locations and a pair of Cisco head-end routers at the data center (DC) and disaster recovery (DR) locations.

Moreover, the Cisco 860VAE Series Integrated Services Routers are ideal for this solution as they combine increased network performance with advanced security to allow standalone service orchestration points such as ATMs or point-of-sale (POS) systems to get the most from their broadband connection.


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