Russian Federation increases financial contribution to ITU

The Russian Federation announced a significant increase
in its financial support to ITU, raising its -contributory units’ from ten to
fifteen, amounting to CHF 4,777,000, or about USD 5.32 million. Each
-contributory unit’, which ITU Member States provide on a voluntary basis, is
CHF 318,000.

This increase is in addition to the CHF 5 million
contribution from the Russian Federation towards the refurbishment of ITU’s
main conference hall, now dedicated to Alexander Stepanovich Popov (1859-1906),
the Russian physicist who first demonstrated the practical application of
electromagnetic waves.

“We therefore wish to develop, strengthen and enhance
the role of ITU in the future as the leading international organization in
information and communication technologies,” said Andrei Mukhanov, director
general of the Department of International Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Accepting the contribution, ITU Deputy
Secretary-General Houlin Zhao said the Russian Federation is a Founding Member
of ITU and has consistently supported ITU in its endeavours.

“The support of the Russian Federation, and especially
the substantial increase in the financial contribution to ITU, reaffirms the
country’s long-standing dedication to ITU and its commitment to connect the
world,” said Hamadoun Touré, secretary-general.

Russian political support for ITU in its 146-year
history along with its technical and scientific expertise has contributed
immensely to the growth and development of information and communication
technologies worldwide.

“It is poignant that we have been informed of this
very welcome gesture of support from the Russian Federation in this conference
hall which only this week was dedicated to the Russian pioneer and scientist
Alexander Stepanovich Popov,” Touré added.

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