SafeNet launches protection solution to address risk associated with online banking

By Telecom Lead Team: SafeNet, a provider of data protection solutions, has
launched eToken 3500, a new identity and transaction protection solution that
addresses multiple levels of risk associated with online banking and trading


The eToken 3500 will
enable financial services organizations to achieve the right balance of risk
mitigation, cost-effectiveness, and usability when securing eBanking applications.

To combat fraud and manage risk, customers need transaction protection and
signing solutions that ensure the transaction itself is validated. SafeNet’s
portfolio of identity and transaction solutions, including the eToken 3500, is
purpose-built to address the unique risk requirements of financial services,
delivering the appropriate levels of protection during the transaction
lifecycle without impeding the customer experience,” said Andrew Young, vice
president of Authentication, SafeNet.


The eToken 3500 allows
customers to generate an electronic signature for transactions. It also reduces
the chances of financial fraud resulting from MitM and MitB threats.


The SafeNet eToken
3500 uses an optical sensor to read financial transaction data from a Web
browser, generating a unique electronic signature that validates each
transaction, reducing threats such as Man-in-the-Browser (MitB) and
Man-in-the-Middle (MitM).


The solution
automatically scans encrypted transaction details that prevents typing errors
and maintain secure remote access to networks, applications, and Web-based


By combining secure
electronic transaction signing with one-time password (OTP) strong
authentication, the SafeNet eToken 3500 eliminates the risk of transaction
tampering, as well as forgotten, stolen, or hacked passwords, and mitigates the
risk of identity theft. It also helps organizations comply with privacy and
data protection regulations.


Recently, SafeNet launched ultra-small Sentinel HASP HL MaxMicro licensing dongle. The
new Sentinel MaxMicro key offers protection and flexible licensing enforcement
as the traditional Sentinel HASP key.


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